Malware & Security

Face Masks and Apple Face Recognition

Getting Apple Facial Recognition to work with a Face Mask on may prove easier with iOS 13.5 beta release.

Triton Rogue Code

The day of infrastructure attacks is upon us. Unfortunately, no matter how shielded we make our infrastructure, someone will find a way to attack it.

Malware on pacemakers? Yes, physical device malware is a real thing!

Shocks to pacemakers can be controlled with malware

Google Confirms 150 Play Store downloads have Malware

Google Play Store has brief rash of malware hidden in apps. Here's the list to check
Video & FFMpeg

3 Important Details to Consider When Creating Promotional Videos for Your Company

Promotional videos, when done correctly, can lead to a lot of attention and new customers for your business.

Install FFMpeg on CentOS 8 with YUM or DNF

Install FFMpeg on CentOS painlessly! Follow this simple guide to get the quick easy results you expect.

Common issues installing FFMpeg on CentOS

Installing FFMpeg failure? Perhaps a fresh perspective on what's going on, and how to fix it? Common issues installing, and their fix.

FFMpeg on CentOS the easy way

Installing FFMpeg in CentOS is not hard, and this simple howto will get you up and running in minutes.