Believe it or not, it’s very possible to sabotage your website design.

Not only is it possible, it’s easy. In this post, we will break down just exactly what to avoid so your website can be top notch.

  • It starts with the first concept: More is better. This is absolutely wrong. Websites these days are moving more and more to a simple design. Having a lot of clutter, glitz, and glamour on your website is an instant turnoff for most – and at the very least makes it hard to navigate. Don’t do that!
  • Secondly, most “self-made website designers” think they can design a site, setup the content, organize the functionality of the site, and manage the site. If you’ve used the “make your website online with point and click results” websites out there, you’re guilty. Sure, you get a website, but what have you sacrificed to get it, and is it really what you want? Don’t do that!
  • Third, the “self-made website designers” have a keen eye for color…. Or not. Did you know that the color yellow is harsh on the eyes, and is known to be the color most prone to making a baby cry? Did you consider that when you made that pretty yellow website selling yellow flowers? Don’t do that!
  • The fourth is a bit more complicated. You’ve decided you can’t do it on your own. This is good, you’re moving in the right direction for a stunning website. Fire up Craigslist and bam, at least 10 people are designing websites, all promising to provide a great website. And for a grand total of $150 dollars, you have a website. Hmmm….. Chances are these people are in a basement somewhere, have a pirated copy of some website design software, and want to make money quick off your desire for a cheap website. Don’t do that!
  • The fifth reason you can completely sabotage your website design is by using Flash. Flash is a product produced by Adobe, and allows for animated graphics, moving objects, or highly interactive websites. Two very bad things about this; you can’t see it on any iOS device since Apple banned Flash, and web crawlers (the things that get your website seen on Google, Yahoo, Bing, etc) can’t read Flash. Not to mention, Flash is resource intensive on the computer using it. Don’t do that!
  • Sixth reason you can completely sabotage your website design is by hiring the very first person you speak to that seems to know anything at all about websites. Chances are it’s all talk, and they might just be one of those people in the basement with pirated software that has come topside to get more people. Don’t do that!
  • Reason number seven you can completely sabotage your website design is by hiring a huge firm to do a little job. If you need a website with 5 pages, guess what; that multi-thousand dollar firm is probably overkill. Don’t do that!
  • Reason number eight you can completely sabotage your website design is by not hiring a firm or business to do your website design. You are but only one person, and you can’t be expected to pull this miracle of a website out of thin air. Having a reputable business design your website is good. Not hiring them is not so good. Don’t do that!
  • Number nine on our list of sabotage is expecting too much out of your website. While your website should accurately portray what you want to your potential audience, it should not overwhelm them with so much information that they leave not knowing what just happened to them. People should want to be at your website. It should be welcoming. Overwhelming them is bad. Don’t do that!
  • On to number ten, you can find yourself sabotaging your website design simply by not getting a website at all. Let’s be honest for a second or two here. If you are not online, you practically don’t exist in the world of business. Websites today are what the Yellow Pages were 20 years ago. Not having a website is a bad move. Don’t do that!

Reason eleven, and most importantly, you can sabotage your website design having it hosted on an extremely slow server. Often referred to as shared hosting, your website is located on the same computer as hundreds, sometimes thousands of other websites. If you’re serious about having your website being top notch, stay away from shared hosting.

Don’t do that!!!