Binary Computer Solutions was founded in 2010 with a focus on providing quality website designs for small businesses. The need to grow beyond simple websites led to our focus on creating more dynamic websites, content management systems, and some serious enterprise equipment, to handle even the heaviest of traffic on our clients’ websites.

Recognizing the importance of providing our clients with high quality videos that complement their stunning websites, we began offering high quality video production services to our customers.

Having a professional website, with high quality videos is extremely important; however, what good are these things if your content isn’t visible?

In response to this reality, we began offering our marketing services to ensure our clients can increase the exposure of their website and videos to potential clients on the web.

We understand that technology is advancing at a rapid pace, this is why we’ve recently began offering a new chatbot development service for social networks, websites, and private integrations.

Binary Computer Solutions are Web Presence Experts!