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Blaine Bouvier

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Blaine is the founder and head of technology at Binary Computer Solutions, Inc.

Bullshit Marketing and why it works

Everything you know about marketing is wrong. Find out how BS is the new method to getting results!

Let's Talk about Notre Dame Cathedral and all the stories in the past 24 hours

Notre Dame Cathedral caught fire, causing the loss of the spire, and several priceless artifacts.

Automation and Robots in Walmart

Seeing a need to replace repetitive tasks that seem mundane at best to a human, these robots are set to perform a variety of tasks. From inventory, product fulfillment, or cleaning floors, these robots are slated to be a big push in 2019.

NASA's first all-female spacewalk scrapped

Plans for the first all-female spacewalk in history have been scrapped for lack of a second space suit, the US space agency NASA says.

Time of Flight Cameras

Time of Flight Cameras coming to phones, how Time of Flight works, and legal battles in the US

Common issues installing FFMpeg on CentOS

Installing FFMpeg failure? Perhaps a fresh perspective on what's going on, and how to fix it? Common issues installing, and their fix.

Alzheimer's cognitive and memory impairments improved through light and sound

There have been a series of studies, all getting closer to a distinct cure. The research is starting to pick up pace, especially with society starting to see the viable use for stem cells, among other technologies we have at our disposal.