Your Brand is Out: It’s You Vs. The World Now!

Your brand site is up, and you are aware of what is working. And what is not with it. One of the great advantages of metrics is making everyone aware of what they are doing right. And what they are doing wrong. Replication of formulas is not a trade to success. Since people online tend s to like uniqueness and new over repeating formulas. You are competing now, and as such you have to take notice of your competitors. And see what they are doing to make something better. It’s the only key to success. So what can we do from here on to stand out? Let’s take a look:

Your brand should have a value curve

Brand should have a value curve
Your Brand should have Value

Think about this for a minute: what will you offer to everyone that no one else can? This is the toughest question you will ask yourself when facing your competitor. But once you reach an answer, it will make you a unique service provider. Longstanding services started out by offering something you couldn’t get anywhere. It’s not a new technique. But it works every time. Thinks about how it began for classic ventures like MTV and Cartoon Network. Or modern ones like Netflix and Amazon.

Precise communication is a must for your client

The old adagio that prays that “the client is always right” is almost dead these days. A new one is taking place, and it’s to remind us that “the client needs answers now.” You’ve seen it since the old days. Telemarketing phone services that are supposed to give customer service fail miserably at solving the client’s problems. And leave them resenting the brand. In modern times we still have to deal with this!

Measures are being taken, and personalized attention is easier today than ever. Many websites now include a real-time window to chat with sales representatives. If you are an entrepreneur keep an open line in your social networks and take notice of what people have to say. Don’t shy away from a bad critique. Encourage your client to state their problem and do your best to help them solve the issue. The more humane you are to your clients, the more you will rise above your competitors.

The quality you offer should be above the best of your competitors

Quality should be above your best competition
Brand Awareness is Amazing!

Offering a quality product takes time, study and inversion of money. Make sure you have those when facing a competitor. Because you will need to raise the bar and make them feel that your offering is indeed better. The customers will always be the final judges of your product. And there is no escaping of the feedback they post online. Even if you have a no-name product that you accidentally happen to offer by Amazon, it will be reviewed by someone. So make sure that every item you sell is top of your game and the best you have to offer up to the quality standards.

Be daring with your branding

One way to take over your competition is when you offer a product that will set you apart from anyone. But offering a traditional product with marketing that defies conventions will fare much better if your demographic is the right one. Many established brands have positioned themselves over their competitors by taking a shot at them, or by using the risky strategy of being sassy with the customer. Of course, this strategy has to be a well-thought process since you are not supposed to sell anything by being disrespectful.

Use your online tools to keep track of them

As we said above modern marketing allows for everyone to know what the other is doing right and wrong. Keep track of the movements of your competitors. You can track activities by the Ads they put on their websites. By the keywords related to them. By the backlinks and by the mentions they have all over the place. Don’t try to replicate the formula they use. This will only show your lack of initiative, and you will only get your competitors scraps. Use the information to make something new and stand out from everyone.

This is your baby now; your brand will only be as successful as you want it to be. It all depends on how much you are willing to do to make it work.  As always, if you need a hand, we are here to help and can be reached by using our contact form.