Data breach example of how easy it is to lose personal information

In an increasing number of website breaches happening, it's almost common place now, yet lower end electronics wholesale/retailer CeX said on Tuesday 8/29 that it suffered a massive "online security breach" and nobody heard a word or cared.

If you did care, it appears that there was credit card data lost as a result of the security breach on Tuesday.  Don't be so quick to hit the panic button though, CeX said any payment card data that may have been stolen "has long since expired" since they have not been storing financial data since 2009.  I'm sure they understand the concept of identity theft, right?  I'm joking obviously, they said that "No further financial information has been shared," making everyone feel very comfortable.  So don't panic, okay?

Founded in London back in 1992, CeX currently has stores across the UK, US, India, Spain, Ireland, Portugal, Netherlands, Mexico, Poland, Australia and Canarias.

Unless you haven't connected who CeX is (We had to look it up, honestly...), if you have ever used the popular website then you have met CeX.  If you're curious what to do if you have ever used, they advise you to change your password as well as all your other passwords everywhere.  They said that!  That's a little scary, but it's okay, they also said if you didn't get an email from them then "your account is not affected".  Read that again, and say you feel comfortable with that.  That's a major security breach and real data was lost, accounts should change their password and every other online password and if you didn't get an email you're fine.