There is perhaps no greater sign of how quickly technology is advancing, than by looking at how significantly the marketing field has evolved with the rise of the internet.  An effective online marketing campaign has the potential to reach billions of clients around the world.  However, online marketing also demands an adequate strategy and expertise on how to target specific audiences, or it will be sure to fail.

Before the advent of the internet, marketing was much simpler. Advertising was carried out using only two medians, radio and television. The audience was local to a specific area, and businesses had virtually no ability to target their messaging to specific segments of the population. The general formula was relatively simple back in the day; the more you spent on advertising, the higher your return on investment.

The days of simple marketing formulas are behind us. Television and radio viewership has continued to steadily decline as more people use the internet as an effective method of meeting all their information and entertainment needs.

The most successful businesses today are the ones who quickly realized the great potential, and significant change in strategy required, to achieve a successful digital marketing campaign. Advertising is no longer a simple formula where if you spend more, you’re rewarded with increased sales. Online marketing success is highly dependent on identifying your target online audience, and implementing strategies to directly market your product to that specific audience, while not wasting precious marketing dollars on those who won’t buy your product.

The potential for success, with expert marketing services, is almost limitless. Similarly, the potential for failure is almost certain without the proper expertise guiding your strategy. It’s disturbingly easy to spend thousands of dollars on online marketing and not receive a single lead, or even an enquiry. Marketing strategies that aren’t properly targeted may be visible to millions of people around the world, but may never be seen by a single person in your target audience.

For example, imagine that you’re a small wine producer looking to mobilize a marketing campaign for your product. You decide to simply place advertisements on one of the most visited websites on the internet, without developing an effective framework of who your target audiences are.  You’ve spent thousands of dollars on exposing your brand to millions of visitors on this website, without having performed a demography analyses of who visits the site. It turns out that nobody is interested because the majority of users on this website are under the legal drinking age. You’ve now wasted those marketing dollars because the majority of people who visit that website aren’t eligible to purchase your product.

Our marketing services will ensure that your business receives exposure on websites your potential clients actually visit.

As a small business owner, you understand that every dollar spent is precious; you want the highest return on investment possible for your marketing dollars. We will work with you to develop a strategy to identify your target audience, and perform a comprehensive analysis of websites that your potential clients are visiting most often. The initial investment of using our services has the potential to pay for itself down the road, as your marketing campaigns will receive more exposure from customers who are interested in your product, while minimizing exposure to users outside your targeted marketing campaign.