Mobile Traffic results from Website Professionals

So it was mentioned in a previous blog from April 4th that Google is going to be doing a big shake up soon. If you may remember, the biggest of those is changing how search results are displayed, which is highly dependent on your website being mobile friendly or not.

So as the deadline approaches (April 21), I just wanted to give you a closer look at the ins and outs of this change. For starters, if you do not have a mobile friendly site, it is rumored that your website will all but cease to exist on the search results if the device is deemed a mobile device. What this essentially means is, if anyone on a mobile device (anything that isn't a laptop or desktop computer) does a search for something your website would normally rank for, you will not show up. I'd love to say this is a late April Fools joke, but it's very real, and can have very real negative results for your website.

So what is the solution to this? Well, it's really two fold. Google has hinted, although it hasn't widely been seen yet, that slow websites will be penalized by having a "slow" tag show next to the search result. I'm sure this is more to encourage website operators to speed up their websites in anticipation for the mobile friendly push coming on April 21st, but that is pure speculation on my part. There are several website "grading" services out there, one including a tool from Google, which will tell you what you need to improve on your website to get better speed results and ultimately be mobile friendly.

If you are not worried about mobile traffic to your site, you can probably relax for a month or two while you address the concerns that make your site not mobile friendly. If on the other hand you depend heavily on mobile traffic, well... Tic Toc.