Going Social with Your Brand: Building Online Presence

Social Media Networks vastly available
Social Brand Awareness

You probably know some of those names in that list already. These are some of the most powerful social networks in the world. There are a lot more for market specific purposes. But these are the ones that have the widest reach to every single demographic in the world.

One of the most undeniable facts in these times is the power behind social media. Any brand worth its name has a presence in social networks, business and personal alike. Any entrepreneur knows that the easiest way to reach an audience. And lead them to their business, is a showcase of exposure on every social network. Established brands will use them to ensure their market share.

Know what works for you

A proper market studio will provide you with proper data of the social networks that work best for your brand. It should also reveal how much money you should be putting into advertising on them. Social network works wonders for little brands or one-man efforts that usually are time-challenged. Since only an average of 6 hours weekly is needed to keep an online presence. Other factors will measure the success of your online campaign. Let’s let take a look at some of the actions we can take to make it work:

Making yourself visible

Make Yourself Visible
Get Visible

Start by making accounts for your brand on Facebook, Google+, LinkedIn, and Twitter. Make sure your brand logo and bio are consistent among them. More popular networks like Instagram will only be necessary if you have the need of high visual impact content. If you are a small business entrepreneur aiming at millennials you’ll certainly need to widen your options. All these social networks have something in common. They offer inexpensive plans for advertising, some of them daily, weekly or monthly. Use them according to the time frames of your audience highest traffic points.

Deliver engaging content

The reaction you cause with your content is as important as the quality of it. Engaging content is a personal gamble. Since it's really hard to tell what will spark a reaction on the internet. (unless you do post controversial content on purpose). Whatever you do make it thought-provoking, funny and easy to read. Big brands usually have their CEO making the occasional invitation to know their product. The most important move you can ever hope to make with each post is to lead them to your personal website. And get people to know you and your product better.

Create a Schedule

Make the synchronized effort to activate your social networks at the same time. This is more easily said and done. Established brands usually use an agency for this, since they have the manpower to do so. But if you are a small business take the time to deliver the content by yourself on every account. Don’t interlink them. Every social network has its own functionality. And what works for twitter doesn’t do the same for Instagram or Facebook.

Go Visual

Go Visual with your Content
Get Visual

Can you imagine someone trying to sell you food by describing it? The sole idea is ridiculous at best. This is why you have to go visual with your brand. Stock photos out of the internet will not cut it in these times (everyone can do a reverse search to know where you got it). If you have some photographic skills, make good use of them. Or pay for a professional session of photography for your product. The competence in that market is big, so you should get a good deal for quality work from a freelance.

Be Visual with your Content
Be Visual

Share content

We are not talking about your personal content now. As you advance with your campaign, you’ll find customers who love to blog about their consuming habits. One of them may stumble upon your brand, made a purchase, loved the product and put out the good word about you for free. Tracking tools will allow you to know where the buzz may have started. If you identify the source, pay forward. Share their content through your social networks. You’ll build trust in your brand, and you’ll forge productive relationships with your clients.

Take into consideration that this is general advice. Most of it will work for any brand. But you have to set your social networks on par with the strengths of the product you are offering.

We'll meet again to get a little more technical on tracking visitors!