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Email Marketing Exposed

Ever wonder why you couldn't get your email marketing off the ground? Using email marketing will help improve your business sales more than you think.

Remove Date or Timestamps from Drupal 7 Articles for better visibility

Remove timestamps from posts if you don't update as often as you like! Drupal 7 Tricks and Tips

Configuring Varnish, Pound, Apache, PHP-FPM, Letsencrypt Free SSL, Percona on CentOS 7

This tutorial will show you how to take what you previously learned about installing Varnish, Pound, PHP-FPM, Acmetool, Pound, and Apache and how to make them all work together nicely.

Disable TCP Offloading in Xen and Persist after Boot

Get TCP Offloading Disabled in Xen for better Network Performance (Persistent)

Drupal Cache Warming with Bash and XML Sitemap

Caching content on a website is critical to high performance websites. Keep your Drupal 7 Site alive with this cache warming script and configuration.

Location Data in Facebook Messenger for your PHP Chatbot

In order for the user to send location data, they have to click on that cool little pin (you know, the drop pin icon). The data will look a lot similar to the following when it hits your webhook

Change the Timezone in CentOS and other RHEL based releases

We have come across several times where it would be nice to change the timezone on the servers we are administering. While you would think this would be straight forward, it's not as easy as you'd think without a GUI.