I sometimes sit back and wonder if the days that you always saw in the sci-fi movies would happen sooner than we all expected. Shaken and saddened by the loss of Leonard Nimoy (related amazing story), I was curious just where the world was going.

We have the ability to communicate in ways Gene Roddenberry hadn't even been so far fetched to call sci-fi. We have the ability to enhance our very own lives through this massive resource called the Internet. Seems awfully close to "the computer" on the bridge of every U.S.S. Enterprise. We can talk to anyone at a moments notice all across the globe because it doesn't matter how broke you are, you will always have a cellphone, or email, or other means of talking to someone.

We owe this vision and inspiration to invent and innovate, not only to the creator of the idea, but to those that showed it. The actors who not only showed a story, but their passion for a future. Let us not forget who we are.