Online video marketing is growing in popularity and is the most suitable medium to convey your message. Today we speak of a new generation of customers, a generation that lives, watches and buys online.

Because of the fleeting lifestyle of new generation, it is essential for brand or company to attract and retain the attention of the potential customers. Research shows that online video marketing is perfect for this.

You have probably not escaped the advantages of a video. As of today, the internet has 1200% more videos than images shared on social media, and 87% of online marketers have already used video content.

A video says more than 1000 words and that is precisely what Generation Z (born between 1995 and 2005, aka the future) is looking for. With that future in mind, it is essential to create a positive experience for them. So that your brand remains top of their mind. With a quick and clear message inside the video, it can possibly change the way your customer think.

Some statistics say:

80% of global internet traffic in 2019 will consist of video content.• 85% of companies view online video content as an essential part of their marketing strategy.• 85% of customers would like to see more online video content from brands and companies that they follow or find interesting.• 32% of Generation Z watches more than 1 hour of online video content per day!

Today, every social channel functions as a platform for online video content!

One platform is not the other, and that is why it is essential to match the content of each video to the various social channels.

#1 Facebook

Facebook users worldwide watch 100 million hours of video content per day. 85% of videos are viewed without sound. In order to ensure that your message still arrives at your customer, it is essential to work with fun images or text overlays.

Customized video from mobile (smartphone/tablet) continues to grow in importance because around 50% of Facebook users only use the medium on their mobile.

#2 YouTube

About 35% of internet users worldwide are on YouTube. More than 500 million hours of video are viewed on YouTube every day. As a company, it is advisable to set up a YouTube channel. For example, corporate videos, product info, advertising campaigns, product review and more.

#3 LinkedIn

Compared to other social platforms, LinkedIn is still in its infancy regarding online video. Unlike Facebook and YouTube, LinkedIn is a social platform where business comes first.

Every week, 75% of executives within a company view work-related video content. To stand out on LinkedIn, it is advisable to process your product knowledge in a video to reach your target audience.

#4 Instagram

Instagram is one of the fastest growing social platforms at the moment. Aside from photos, you can also post videos and stories as a user. There are on average 200 million users who post an Instagram story every day worldwide.

Companies mainly use Instagram to entertain the target audience in a fun way and to create a brand experience.


With video marketing, you also take the customer purchasing journey seriously. Customers have different needs, depending on where they are on this journey. Moreover, you can do different things to deliver them to the next phase.

In the awareness phase inside a video marketing, you introduce people to your product or service. You create a need here. A few steps further, in the retention phase, is your intention to make people feel good. That's how they get into the advocacy phase. With retention, therefore, consider a thank you or further instructions for the product.

Do you want to use online video marketing to reach your target group successfully but you do not know precisely how to start? Do not hesitate and contact us!