Video Marketing for Business: Here is what the experts are saying

If you are an entrepreneur in this era, you are aware that video marketing for business one of the leading strategies for attracting visitors to your brand website. According to statistics, online video usage in business is growing at 100% per year. Social media forums such as Facebook, Twitter, Snapchat, Whatsapp, and LinkedIn are introducing features that allow the users to upload or live stream videos. Gordon Tredgold, a leading online video marketing blogger, states that 80% of traffic will be from videos by 2019.

In this essence, as a business person willing to lead or develop your marketing strategies, use of video promos and adverts is not optional. Video contents possess a unique power that is absent in other printed and e-published content versions. Firstly, videos satisfy the entertainment urge of the audience. Secondly, it attracts significant traffic as it opens an opportunity for the audience to interact with your brand.

Notably, according to Cloudwaves, 32.5 million customers in America watch video promos per day. And most importantly, a video can relay a significant amount of content within a within a little duration. A 60 seconds video conveys content equivalent to 1.8million written words. As such, with a video ad, you achieve three objectives- attracting traffic, informing them about your products, and giving the customers an opportunity to interact with your brand. Hence, you can affirm that if your business is going to make profits, video marketing is essential.

But what should your video promos be like? How long should they be? Here is what the expert say in regard to crafting a winning online video for business marketing:

a. Video quality is the king

In the virtual world, the quality of content matters a lot. The same approach applies when it comes to developing a video for promotional purposes. When you think about video marketing, the art of videography is critical. As you know, no one loves low-quality videos. While as you can use your smart phone to develop a video clip for posting on your business social media pages and YouTube channel, seeking for professional services is vital if you want your online video ads to go viral.  For example, this video we did for Acadia Realty Group:

Professional videographers have ideas and the tools for developing quality videos that will attract a large audience and make them unwillingly share them with their peers. For instance, the professional photographers can help you in developing video clips that align well with your brand and the target market. Through this, your videos will reach a wider market which in turn will increase your sales and profitability.

b. Your video promos length matters

If you are looking to getting massive traffic from the videos you upload to your brand website, you should always mind their length. When people visit the brand sites and find a video on it, their first consideration in deciding whether to watch it or not is its length. To them, a long video is annoying.

As well, a very short clip is not enough to inform them about the product. In this regard, when designing videos for marketing missions, seeking online video experts is critical. The experts will help you in determining how long your video on whether the message you want to relay to your target market is worth a 30sec or 60 sec or 90 sec video.

Importantly, the video marketing has evolved. Not all video lengths work well for all online marketing platforms. Also, you need to ensure that you video promos intros are stunning to attract the audience attention. Your videos should contain a hook that makes the audience to watch them up to the end.

c. The relevance of your online videos to the audience is critical

When designing promotional videos, you need to have the audience in your mind. You video ads should be relevant to the audience queries. In this regard, when creating them, you need to know what the target audience is seeking for, their needs and answer them through the videos.

Also, you video promos should match with the relevant platform you are looking on to publish them in. For instance, most social media visitors are looking for new things. In this essence, you can you these forums to post videos inform your targets about new products you are introducing in the market.

Final thoughts

If you are dreaming of reaping handsomely from your video marketing, your video promo crafting must be efficient. Importantly, the length, quality, and relevance of your videos to the audience matter a lot. Also, you need to align the online video ads with the target market for your business and its mission.

Seeking the intervention of the videography expert is important in achieving these goals. In whole, for your online videos to go viral and earn your business higher returns, obtaining videography services from people with vast experience and knowledge of online marketing cannot be overlooked.