Video Marketing in the Modern World

Building a well informing video takes time, talent and passion. It is time-consuming and expensive. What next then? The best step to undertake is promotion strategy.

Video marketing requires professionalism and timing. You may have the best video but with the least views. You should understand that content resonates incredibly beautiful with audiences. Is marketing worth it? Yes, it is but you need to be patient in driving viewers to find, play and watch the video.

Below are some of the best marketing strategies to get your video viewed. The tips will help you prevent the excellent product from going to waste.

Optimize your video with a thumbnail

Thumbnail is far one of the most critical components to driving new visitors. It is worth giving your video with an enticing cover. All you have to do is give it a thumbnail image. It is also good to include a smile on your video thumbnail. You will get a higher number of plays and manifest happiness.

Market Campaigns for on Social media platforms

Social media has turned out to be one of the best advertisement destinations. It means that you can offer thing for free to people encouraged with sharing and spreading the word about your campaign. This will enable most people to visit your landing page. This viewer brings friends thanks to Facebook like button features.

Add share button to your video player

You know how impactful social media is. Including a share button can result in the video ending up on SnapChat, Instagram, Facebook or Twitter. It is a must do to make sure your video lands on all the platforms.

Example of the helpful site is worldSream which uses Wistia video player to host marketing videos. One of the best features is that you can add share buttons directly. This enables interested parties to share the link to the video.

Continuously request people to share

It is worth sometimes to show people you are determined and passionate. It is said that most products are not bought for their features. Viewers will get to share if they see your passion lies in the videos.

So request your friends and industry colleagues to share the link. This sharing process may surprise you since you do not know your viewer connection. Some individuals may have many followers leading to traffic.

Experts say that adding the word video to an email subject boosts the rates by 20% and also helps reduce unsubscribes by 25%. Remember, adding video thumbnail to your email increases the boost engagement process.

Incorporating videos into on-going mail campaigns is easy. Here is an example, one of your leads views 78% of an item demo videos on your website. All you have to do is set-up a workflow to email that client.

Motivate viewers to promote your video

If you pay attention to the people and campaign, it will turn out successful. Paying an audience to share a product on social media drives the right people to your content. This, in turn, yields numerous ROI.

Play it at an event

When you are doing a presentation, you can play it during breaks. The viewers will have some time to stop listening to you and relax while watching.

Even the top presenters the world has produced give the audience a break. However, they use videos to break up their speeches since it helps to motivate the audience.

In reality, listening to the same person for long can become unengaging. That is why your industry events create an opportunity to market your video to a large and relevant audience.

Share your video in online communities

You can use LinkedIn group, Twitter chat or online community created in your sector. You can actively engage in spreading your relevant content. Pin the video on your Twitter account to ensure that tweets do not get lost. It can get lost due to the regular post, instead engage valuable video tweets.


Audiences want to watch more of video content while marketers are continually producing. According to Cisco, video content accounts 68% of buyer's internet traffic. It is the perfect moment to create a video and have a well-working market strategy.