The internet has opened up a world of opportunities for businesses to gain exposure to a significant number of potential clients. The continued popularity of the web has allowed enterprises to create affordable webpages for the promotion of their services. The reality is that, these days, virtually every reputable company has a significant presence on the internet. Obviously, this presents a problem for business owners, like you, who continuously strive to remain relevant and proactive in the implementation of new marketing trends.

Businesses in this fiercely competitive environment must continue to find ways to differentiate themselves from their equally determined counterparts. One of the most effective ways of gaining an edge on your competitors is through investing in the development of a professionally crafted promotional video production that advertises your services. In conjunction with a professionally designed website, high-quality promotional videos have the potential to drive new clients towards your company.

Studies have estimated that the average attention span of a human-being is about 8 seconds. While most business owners believe that there company offers superior overall value and service to customers, it’s how they communicate this value to potential clients, that’ll determine their success.

Few potential clients will arrive at your website and read pages upon pages of information about your business and why you offer a better value than the other guys. Promotional videos appeal to our desires, as human beings, to receive the most amount of useful information in the least amount of time. Promotional video productions allow you to exercise greater control over what your potential clients should focus on when considering the advantages of becoming a client of yours. The ability to highlight certain benefits of your services over the competition can increase your chances of landing a new client.

The benefits of incorporating professional videography as part of your business’ online presence can extend beyond the ability to provide your clients with a concise overview of your services!  Videos, by their nature, are simply more conducive to sharing on social media platforms. Social media advertising is one of the most effective ways to expose your product to specific segments of the population that may be interested in purchasing your product.

Prospective clients won’t take the time to read a page long post on a social media website about your business, and its benefits. Users on these platforms are much more likely to watch a professionally produced video that requires a fraction of their time and effort, to quickly understand the value of what you’re selling. Video marketing also provides a certain entertainment value that simply doesn’t exist with plain text marketing.

This method of marketing also makes it more likely that clients will share your video amongst themselves, versus simply being provided informational content without a video. As a video becomes widely shared, its popularity steadily increases along with its viewership. A well-produced multimedia promotion can quickly develop into a self-reinforcing advertising piece that increases in value the more it grows in popularity.

Social media platforms have the added benefit of allowing viewers to directly interact with a video, paving the way for existing customers to leave organic feedback about their positive experiences with your business. This type of positive feedback will serve to bolster the credibility of your video advertisement, while simultaneously increasing your brands online presence.

The website design services we offer will provide you with the tools needed to present your clients with a professional and informative snapshot of the services your business offers. However, if you want to take your online marketing strategy to the next level, let us help you design a promotional video for your company; it will pay dividends in the future.