I want to start by saying I am not an employee of Facebook.  Full disclosure, I love Facebook for Marketing and targeting the people you need to get to your Website.

"So what is the big deal with Facebook for Marketing?", you may be asking yourself.  Facebook has been around for quite some time, and has been producing "ads" for a while, too.  Those ads are targeted at you, specifically, which can be scary at first thought.  It's not so "evil terminator" as it sounds on first glance, but anything you do (think click, browse, navigate, buy, search for, etc etc) gets logged and tracked.  You may have heard of "Cookies", which are little files which websites are permitted (by your permission) to store information on your computer about whom you are, as well as other identifying information.  Any given computer will have 50 or more cookies in their browsers.  These all allow websites to track and target advertise to you.

Facebook has the ability to use the behavior you exhibit on other websites simply because you are on Facebook and the business owner installed a Pixel on their website (more on Pixels later).  That data is fed, anonymously of course, to marketers as demographics which can be targeted when making advertisements.  This is an amazing tool in that you can target people who exhibit very specific behavior, including geographical demographics, to make sure you are reaching exactly who you want in Facebook Marketing.

That's just a quick teaser for Sunday.  I'll get back to you on Monday on exactly how your Website will benefit from Marketing on Facebook.  Bonus:  That marketing will not break the bank!