Brand Yourself for Web Marketing

It's time to talk about the feature that will set you apart from your competition. We have a clear picture now. There are thousands of people offering the same services as you on the internet. No matter how wild and original you think, your idea is. It's very likely that someone else in the world already had the same thought as you and has already executed it.

This is not meant to discourage you. It's mean to put things into perspective. You see, no matter how unoriginal a business idea might be. If the entrepreneur sells his idea to the world in a unique package, it will have a sure-fire hit on their hands. After all, you don't see fewer burger joints around because McDonald's, In&Out and Wendy's are out there, right?

We are speaking about the brand of course. Branding your product is as important as the quality of the product itself. It needs to be something out of this world and well-thought out of the box of conventionalities. The first step to branding should be with the website of your business.

Pick a name

Sure, you are set in calling your product in a certain way. You even probably have dreamt about the name on billboards. The minute you check the availability of the domain, to discover that is already taken. You should go back to the drawing board and get a new name (unless you have the cash to buy the domain from whoever owns it)

Take two steps back and make a smart pick

As extreme as the measure may seem, take into consideration that uniqueness sells your idea. If your product is related to something already out there. You will be hurting yourself and your business initiative. If you want to succeed, you will have to learn to compromise. Getting an internet domain usually has a fee involved. But even entrepreneurs of the most basic levels can afford one with the smallest budgets.

Pick a setting

The moment you are set on a name you have to develop an image for your brand. For this step, you'll be playing a very personal gamble. As the head of the business, your choices will determine the image you want to develop for your brand. Once you've made your mind, you will have to stick with it. You should be considerate the opinion of potential clients when going through this process. Or even a paid opinion by a creative agency, so your choices won't be tainted by your personal taste.

Branding with logos is key for identifying your product or service
A logo makes your brand unique, so be creative!

Next step to consolidate your branding is to associate it to a logo. There are thousands of logos out there and every single minute more comes out. Your logo should not be something you paid 5 dollars for an app to make in two minutes out of templates. If your budget allows it, pay a reputed graphic designer. If you hire a creative agency, make them offer the best options for your logo. Remember, this little image will become your corporate icon. And it will be related to the quality of your product.

Let the branding take over!

Now you are set with your name and your logo. From here on your branding will take over everything related to your product. And we mean everything. Your personal blog should contain it. The blog of the business should display it, your e-mail signature, forum signature, and the website’s personal profiles.

Go for social networks too

Social media will be no exception: Facebook, Twitter, Tumblr, and Instagram. A Facebook page is usually a synonym of being found in the yellow pages. Other well-known sites should contain information about your brand too. Like Wikipedia, Knol or Squidoo. You should be accessible to every keyboard looking for the name of your brand.

We’ve taken big efforts at this stage. Branding a name is hard work that requires many hours and manpower. It also demands for creative minds. If you feel running out of gas, don’t be afraid to ask for help. If your budget allows it get creative agencies aboard.

The next steps well discuss is almost like a tool of precision that should be handled with care. We've told you a couple of times that precise choices, smart decisions, and smart spending will take you far. Now is the moment to add precise words to the equation. So let’s talk SEO next!